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Downdating women

we need to rebuild relationships a bit and go back to old well tested models of bigamy and poligamy where 1 succesful alpha male has multiple females while pussified beta types take scraps from them and raise their kids when alpha gets bored and dumps worked for thousands of years so why wouldnt it work now - law needs to be changed to let men in west marryy multiple women. Ofc that's not the case for some relationships, but those are the outliers.And so, hot women date them thinking they've made a fair trade-off, which is "Ugly guy, but he'll be great to me." Well girls, I'm smashing the urban myth that gross guys are nice people.

And it's a Law of Dating Nature that other women are interested in any guy that can get a hot girl, because they're all wondering what secret weapon he has.While my friend is a gorgeous blonde with an impeccable sense of style and a dry sense of humor, her chosen beau was well past chubby (ok, he was so far into obese he couldn't even see the signpost to Chubby Town.If Obese-City was on 4square, he'd be the freaking MAYOR) and I'm pretty sure his hairline hasn't seen any actual hair since the late 90s.And yes, it's true that while some love-rats go on to make a career out of Dating-Up, it never ends well for the girl.So ladies, if you're going to date a guy for his personality, make it a hot guy.

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As mentioned upthread, I suspect that this is a more complicated story than "people are upset when their partner makes more" and that breaking it out by income brackets and status would be a more fully story, but I don't really see why I'd question the base claim much at all.